Beginning tomorrow, I will be on vacation for the next week. After wrestling for a few days with the question of whether or not I’d be doing any blogging while I was away, my wife and I settled the answer tonight by deciding the laptop was going to stay home this time. This is probably… Read More

For a brief time in my life, when I was in college, I started listening to a lot of Lyle Lovett. There’s actually a story behind that, but it’s not really one I like telling because it has a not-so-good ending, so you’ll just have to guess as to why I started doing this. My… Read More

Is there such a thing as “extra grace”? A good friend of mine who lost his mother to cancer discussed this subject with me one time. “When I was going through the cancer stuff with mom, I just had such a peace about everything,” he said. “I just moved on with everything. If you throw… Read More

Have you ever had one of those days when your depression was so whacked-out crazy that you weren’t even sure who you were by the end of it? One minute you’re morose, the next minute you’re cutting up, one minute you love everyone, the next minute you’re afraid they’re going to bail on you at… Read More

I still haven’t figured out yet if reading books on depression and low self-esteem is actually helping me or just freaking me out. I mean, it would stand to reason that someone diagnosed with depression would want to read up on and understand more about the condition, but there are just times when authors’ words… Read More

My oldest daughter is 12 years old, and she’s experienced some strange health problems over the past couple of weeks. Some chest pains, some shortness of breath, and some 12-year-old girl panic to boot. If you have a theory on what could be causing this, please don’t pass it on to me. Everyone short of… Read More

I recently finished reading the book Dream Team, by Jack McCallum. If you’re even remotely a fan of professional basketball, I’d highly recommend picking it up, as it provides a fascinating look at how some of the most cutthroat competitors in the history of sports managed to put aside their professional rivalries long enough to win… Read More

I work with a guy who is one of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. He has a counseling degree from a Christian university, does his job well, and is always a straight shooter. That’s why it’s so funny when sometimes after being asked to do something he’ll turn and sarcastically quip, “I do… Read More

In case you’re not familiar with it, this is the Personality Assessment Inventory, a 300-plus item survey designed to evaluate a person’s mental condition. Actually, it’s a little more clinical and technical than that, but the official definition of the P.A.I. contains enough psycho-babble to actually drive a sane person crazy, so I’ll stick to… Read More

I have the utmost sympathy for people who cannot drag themselves up from the depths of depression. The kinds of people who need counseling and prayer and medicine and whatever else it takes to get back on their feet again. The kinds of people who have difficulty even looking another person in the eye. The… Read More