If you would ever like to gain a better appreciation for what life what must be like for anyone confined to a wheelchair for any amount of time, I would recommend wheeling someone around the Kentucky State Fair for an afternoon in late August. That is exactly what I did today with my 11-year-old daughter,… Read More

Okay, so for the umpteenth time now, I forgot to write a Tuneful Tuesday post on, well, Tuesday. You would think putting the day of the week in the title of one day’s entry would be enough to make me remember it. Apparently, that is not enough. Maybe I should tattoo it on my hand… Read More

There are times when sort of wish I had a nice, sweet, innocent sense of humor. You know, the kind people used to think Bill Cosby had before … um, yeah, all that happened. See? I couldn’t even be funny right there without mentioning something incredibly uncomfortable. Something is seriously wrong with me, folks. Tonight… Read More

It happened again. I wrote a really dark piece here at the end of last week that attracted a massive amount of reads (Well, massive for this little site anyway…). I followed that up yesterday with a piece about how I was dealing with a lot of the bad stuff I wrote about in the… Read More

I mentioned in my last post that the engine in my 2000 Chevrolet S10 pickup truck was no more. To sum up briefly what happened, I believe I had some type of coolant leak, as my temperature gauge never went into the danger zone and thick, white smoke spewed from my tailpipe. In an effort… Read More

I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I wrote a pretty popular piece yesterday about how bad things happen to everyone and how I shouldn’t take things so hard. Then, of course, today I find out in an effort to get my truck to the garage the other day without having… Read More

As you may or may not have noticed, I did not write anything here yesterday. I have a very good reason for that. A little before 8 last night, I heard shrieking like I had never heard before coming from my soon-to-be 11-year-old daughter’s room. I rushed to her room and found her sitting on… Read More

Yesterday was bad. No amount of positive thinking could change the circumstances that assaulted me yesterday. The facts which stared back at me at the end of the day did not equal “good.” The highlight (or lowlight, as the case may be) came as I was driving and my truck began to billow white smoke… Read More

Today was so horribly and wretchedly bad that I am not even going to attempt to write anything of any substance here tonight. In its place, here are a couple of new things about the blog. You have probably already noticed this, but Lights in the Darkness now has its own website, www.lightsinthedarkness.net. All the… Read More

I really hate it when I repeat myself, but the truth is I do it all the time. As much as I try to stop myself from telling the same stories or writing about the same topics, I catch myself doing it frequently. At least with what I’m about to write here, I realize I’m… Read More